Updating new fields in crystal reports Video chat to black women on line

Some may ask why this in needed – I actually use this quite a bit in the following scenario.I often find that I am using one report as a template for another when working with Dynamics GP tables because the table structure is the same for many work, open and history tables.For example, if I am creating two versions of an SOP invoice – unposted and posted – most of the tables and fields are the same except for the two main tables.In that case, I just need to change SOP10100 to SOP30200 and SOP10200 to SOP30300.When Crystal Reports is open, the report that the field is being added to can be opened by clicking on open and selecting the report 2.

If the field explorer is not displayed it can be added by clicking on the view menu and selecting field explorer.We have recently added a section for SSRS tips to the newsletter, so take a peek at those if you are starting to work with SSRS.If you are looking to print Crystal and SSRS reports in Dynamics GP, check out our GP Reports Viewer.Then drop down the table with the fields that is being added to the report (new tables can be added using the guide in the next section).Then the required field can be dragged and dropped on to the report.

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