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Yahoo now no longer provides plugin development SDK. Messenger users could listen to free and paid Internet radio services, using the defunct Yahoo! Yahoo released a preview version of Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista.

Music Radio plug-in from within the messenger window. It had been designed to exploit the new design elements of Vista's Windows Presentation Foundation and introduced a new user interface and features.

As of December 14, 2012, the interoperability between Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger ceased to exist.

The Live Messenger contacts will appear as greyed out and it will not be possible to send instant messages to them.

The plug-in also player functionality, such as play, pause, skip and rate this song. It lacked some basic functions such as webcam support, and has since been discontinued.

Yahoo Messenger users are subject to unsolicited messages (SPIM). Messenger is currently available for computers as downloadable software and web software, including both a messenger-only site and Yahoo! Third-party clients could also be used to access the legacy service. Messenger received 1 out of 7 points on the scorecard.

Messenger Protocol into some web browsers, so that URIs beginning can open a new Yahoo Messenger window with specified parameters.Microsoft has also had talks with AOL in an attempt to introduce further interoperability, but so far, AOL seems unwilling to participate.Interoperability between Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger was launched July 12, 2006.The service is free with provided speeds averaging from a range in between 1 and 2 frames per second.The resolution of the images can be seen starting at 320×240 pixels or 160×120.

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