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They go "twin towers," or they go a lot of post-ups, or they go whatever way they go.It's the flavor of the month, and that's what happens.His sense of humor has somehow remained intact all these years in the NBA, which could be how a coach can get through decades of defending a brand of positionless, pace-and-space basketball to traditionalists, stubborn superstars and skeptical power forwards. Did you realize how right this spot was when you signed up here? I knew that they liked to play the way that I liked to play. But when everybody said "yeah, this is great," and then we started off pretty quick, that was an easier sell.It has been within only the past five years that everyone else started to believe in "D'Antoni ball" as much as he always has. I love coaching and always looking for a right spot, and it just worked out. I didn't know James, and I didn't know the other guys on the team. Will Pat [Beverley] accept being the 2-guard instead of the 1-guard? Then, management, ownership, they all want the same thing.On opening night, the Warriors were stunned in Oakland and the Celtics' high hopes took a tumble.• Irving: Hayward injury among worst • Despite gloom, hopeful signs for C's • Hobbled CP3 sees Houston rally • Le Bron shakes ankle woes in opener • Warriors get rings for 2017 title We tried something in Phoenix, and we couldn't get over the hump, because San Antonio was too good.We didn't quite get it, and I got a little scared about going too far. To take a team to win a championship, there's so many things that have to happen.You have to be really good, and we'll see what happens, but I think this is the best way for this team, right now, to play and to give us a legitimate chance to beat anybody.That's kind of what, as coaching, you want to do, and doesn't mean it always works out, but I'm secure in what we're doing.

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We tried it in New York, and it was going good for a while, and then a couple things happened and got us off the rails. There were just injuries, and people were pretty stubborn in their roles, and it's like, "Sorry guys, this is not me. A., but you weren't going to win a championship that way. RS: The two MVP front-runners, James and Russell [Westbrook], are going head-to-head.He's always a great player, and he's going to be a good player.I don't care what system you have, he's going to be a very good player. But he's put it in the right perspective, and that's why we won 55 games, and that's why we're able to win against anybody. Still, we've got to get better on the defensive end, and that's our main focus all year.Sometimes he would overpass, even during the season, just overpass because he wants guys to feel good and win. If we shoot great, then we'll blow people out, but if we don't, big deal. If we can do that, we're going to win."So that should be -- it's in our dressing room whether we're going to win or lose. If you were to win that, what would it mean to you?I think we know that, and I think the guys are now, "OK, yeah." They see that, and they believe it a little bit more than they did earlier. MD: That it means that I've got a really good team.

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