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Instead, he got a top-level briefing on the world at war. Their acts were brutal, but their tactics and bureaucracy were sophisticated.They were killing and terrorizing, growing and winning.But first, he had to stop himself from plummeting through that chopper door. Some of the geeks would fuse things like satellite data and on-the-ground surveillance to visualize how traffic flowed (or didn't flow, indicating a nearby Taliban checkpoint or a roadside bomb).White scrabbled back to his seat, grabbed the straps, and held on as gunners slouched in the open door, watching for ground fire. White's team mission was to target the digital trail of the Taliban and al-Qaida's financing.White knew it as the alphabet soup that spelled out Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Pentagon's scientific-innovation department, the folks who brought you bionic exoskeletons, night vision, the M16, agent orange, GPS, stealth technology, weather satellites, and the Internet.DARPA projects combined smart people, big ideas, and big government dollars.But apparent contradiction is White's secret sauce: He's an accomplished Ashtanga yoga practitioner who has been to war, a former government employee on a first-name basis with celebrity Buddhists and legendary hackers, and a practiced martial artist who's dedicated to the solitary sit-down science of staring at computer screens.

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And, he says, none of that had prepared him for what he calls the "no-kiddingness" of the mission in Afghanistan. "It was scary, and it was stressful, and I was really intensely focused on the work. But I had no idea that I was making a radical life change." At the time, DARPA was changing too.

Its new director, Regina Dugan, had shepherded Nexus 7 through the Pentagon bureaucracy.

Their goal was to help the nation prevent technological surprise, and every five to 10 years, wheel out world-changing tech with a strategic edge.

White had gone grudgingly, expecting a Power Point presentation, a recruiting speech, "and maybe some theoretical question like you'd expect from DARPA -- you know, see if we can build some giant laser," White says.

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