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The action features around two friends as they clear out their old local cinema and in the process they re-create scenes from their favourite movies.

When he retired, he decided to work as a guide at York Minster.And instead of skeletons in the closet of the Dominion cinema, the former Forth 1 DJ discovered a treasure trove of cinematography memorabilia perfect to set the scene of his festival show, Double Feature – a comedic cinematic caper by Phil Differ.“I think Edinburgh should take great pride in the fact it has a cinema like the Dominion,” said Mr Stott.“When I tell people that we’ve been working with them, the mere mention of the Dominion and people’s faces light up – there’s a genuine delight in what they offer, a unique cinema experience.“There is something special about going to a family-run business venture like the Dominion, especially seeing how they have moved with the times.”Nearly 80 years since it first opened, the cinema has welcomed stars from across the decades, including cinema royalty such as Cary Grant, Ewan Mc Gregor, Alan Rickman, George Clooney, Dame Judi Dench and Sigourney Weaver.Dame Judi Dench is mourning the death of her older brother who inspired her to take up acting.Peter Dench, who has died aged 91, along with his younger brother Jeffrey, who passed away in 2014, were pupils at St Peter's School, York, where they both performed in Antony and Cleopatra.

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